Why Bath Salts are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

Imagine a hectic day ,lot of hard work and crazy never ending chores ,your back hurts,your muscles are sore and You really need something  to pick you up!!!

When situations are that bad soaking myself in Epsom salt bath with some essential oils, is the only thing I can think of.......

Soaking in an Epsom Salts bath after a long day, works to soothe me on all levels – body, mind and spirit.
Because the magnesium from the Epsom Salts is absorbed directly through your skin it allows even people who find it hard taking magnesium orally to be able to top themselves up with this magical mineral.
Magnesium is an important element within our body.  It is used by our nervous system, and also by our muscles.  When we do physical work we  burn up lots of magnesium.

Magnesium is a co-factor in over 300 enzymatic actions in the human body, such as co-factoring with calcium to build and sustain healthy bones. It gives us energy, prevents muscle cramps and pains, calms us and helps us sleep.

-- Want a natural spa treatment?

Once a week for 20 minutes, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom or sea salts, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and a half cup of baking soda. This combo draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones, and balances your pH levels.

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