Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss and Detox Secret Review #promotion #ebook


Nobody likes to diet! Maybe people are afraid of restrictions and giving up on things they like.

 I, hate the word DIET!! Anything that is gimmicky, promises quick weight loss, or leads you to believe it’s easy is a bunch of lies. The only way to take weight off and keep it off is through consistency in your eating habits, activity level and mental well-being. You do NOT need to be perfect, but your lifestyle should consist of 80% or more of healthy habits.
First: make a plan because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

We all know how to lose weight. Eat healthy, be active — basically burn more calories than we take in. Knowing how to lose weight is the easy part. It’s the motivation, self-control and daily habits that keep us from reaching our weight loss goals. We live in a world filled with temptation, and that makes weight loss more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

Recently when I got chance to review Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret by Jonathan Vine

I wasn't sure about it. The reason was my past experiences with smoothies which weren't a good one. So I thought of giving it a try. I must say it was a great experience.
My mistake in the past was the combination of fruits and vegetables.
This ebook has 50 recipes of delicious smoothies.
The book explains what is a green smoothie and how is it good for us.