Abba Patio 3 Piece Eucalyptus Folding Cafe Bistro Outdoor Furniture Set Review

This is such a cute patio set, I bought this as a gift for my niece who just moved in a new house.
She has a medium sized backyard and this patio set is perfect .
I loved the smooth finish and high end look, the beautiful red color stands out in otherwise a simple backyard .This contemporary set is primarily designed for outdoor purposes but can also be used indoors as dining set, giving your home a modern touch.


This folding patio set includes one table and two chairs that fold for easy storage.
It features in sturdy and durable Eucalyptus wood.
The Weather-resistant long lasting eucalyptus wood construction can maintain its appearance year after year.
Durable and well-designed construction are key component of this great patio set. Both versatile and classic, this foldable patio furniture set is perfect for your patio, porch or garden. It has smooth surface, so much better than those with crevices, it can be cleaned with one swipe.

Set includes:
 1 x round table, 2 x folding chair, chair size: 19.7’’D x 16.5’’W x 32.2’’H, round table size: 23.6’’ Diameter, 29.5’’H

 appreciable quality and high end look makes it stand out.
The base and the back rest is metal and the legs are wooden.
It is very sturdy and holds a heavy built without any issues.
It does not take lot of storage space.
The wood used is high quality and since it is durable hard eucalyptus wood, it is free of rotting.

Overall it is an exceptional quality and something that will last for a while, though it is slightly expensive but it is so worth it.

You can get this amazing set here