Is Fixing A House On a Budget Even Possible ?

I wish somehow we can erase 2020 with all its hectic mood swings. It has been the craziest year so far. This year with so much free time in hand made us decide to buy a house, WOOHOO!
 Now the house we liked needs a fixer-upper.
My husband's job is to take care of the mortgage and my job is interior designing and decorating.
A lot of things need upgrading, the bathroom,  kitchen, and living area, bedroom basically every room needs some kind of fixing.
The house is huge and its a nice blend of half beautiful and half fixer upper. There is a lot of space so that is not an issue. My main focus is the kitchen and living room since 
we will be spending most of our time there.
The idea is to make the kitchen practical, modern and welcoming. 

Now from this 

to something like this is

As I am writing this, I just realized it is not going to be easy.
We all have thousands of ideas but to execute is a whole different thing.
So to keep everything under budget without compromising the look, I started researching for places and sites where I could buy the kind of stuff I had in mind and came across  is very easy to use and it was in fact fun using it. I loved how organized and impressive it was. with all categories with amazing and attractive pictures. I found products that were better than I had hoped for. This is one in all sites, it has everything that is needed to fix or renovate the house, and that also under budget.

The quality looks great and the products have a high-end finish. Prices are just right and with a 30 % labor day sale  I am sure I will find the best deals and I will make most of it.

The house is not in a livable condition and it is a big project, maybe that is why we are getting it dirt cheap, it could also be because of the pandemic. There is a 13 acres lot with it, the house is solid and has a lot of potentials so its a deal that should not be ignored

Since a lot has to be fixed and bought, I will have to find any discounts or sale offers I can, one such site that really has amazing coupons and deals is Slickdeals
I find the best coupons and deals here and I am sure I will be visiting this site quite often. I mean if I want renovation under budget I definitely need all the help I can get.
I better go now as I have to make a list of things we will need to get, the remodeling started.
Have you ever fixed a house? How was your experience? Please, share any tips or tricks.


Is buying a House this year a wise decision ???

 This year has been hard for everyone. A lot has changed and is constantly changing. In the midst of all the difficulties we've faced on the global aspect, I'd like to think we've also experienced growth. No matter what perspective you have grown in. I hope you take a moment to appreciate and recognize it.
There is no growth without challenge, there is no growth without change, there is no growth without adaption. 
I am sure many of you will agree with me.
For us we have been planning to move out of our rented house and buy ours, it is a big step.

The thought has been in our heads for a while now but every year something else would take the priority.
we have to think about the pros and cons 
and with the bad economy and unpredictable job stability, due to pandemic, many things have to be considered.
 Searching for houses on different sites has become my new hobby. It is interesting to look inside the houses ( Try it sometime you will love it) So I found something that we have been looking for. 
   This property has about 13 acres of land and the price is very reasonable. It is near our jobs but a lot of work has to be done to fix the house.
We are sitting on a fence if we should buy it this year, so I looked up and found out that the mortgages are more affordable than they have been in a long time. Honestly, I hate that it took a pandemic to get us here, but if there is the slightest chance of buying a place of my own, it is not one I'm going to miss.
Now comes paying off the loan and keeping a tab. Usually, my husband is good at paying off bills on time but it still becomes overwhelming for him so I found this amazing site that does the hard work and makes it easy to calculate, once the mortgage kicks in and there is a new bill to pay off every month it will be really hard. 
Pigly is a great site to keep all the payments on track.

It is a new site that is free of ads and is neat and easy to use. It works efficiently and smoothly.


Pigly offers a wide range of tools from savings, budgeting, retirement planning, mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and so on. They offer something relevant for just about everyone.
Since I wanted to focus on the mortgage payment, I  clicked here and calculated how much it will be every month. It was a simple filling in all the required boxes and it tells us how much the total will be that has to be paid.
I love how easy it was to use the site. Love the layout and efficiency.
I also started using it for budgeting every month's expenses

 and figured where I was wasting money unnecessarily.
We are almost sure what we want to do, let's hope it works in our favor and our offer is accepted.
2020 is ending soon with problems one after the other, I am hoping buying a house will bring a big change in our lives.

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Our world will never be the same

These unprecedented times are uncertain for everyone. Families have faced many unforeseen situations and crises.
Job security is at risk. If u have money to pay your bills or buy essentials this month there is no guarantee you will have it next month too. With these uncertain times, one should be smart enough to keep everything under control. 


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