Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Beauty Fridge for Makeup and Skincare

I love to make homemade facial masks and usually, They are all-natural, free of chemicals and I know exactly what is in it and these masks are better for my skin and environment. One downside to homemade masks is, 
they are supposed to be kept in the fridge since there are no preservatives.

I always wanted my own mini-fridge to keep my masks out of the way and also the smell from the fridge would penetrate in my masks and it was not pleasant. I love the concept and especially want to thank whoever came up with this idea.
I will be posting my homemade masks soon you can check them out in my new blog posts.
This mini-fridge is small yet spacious from the inside and a lot of my beauty products can be kept in. I use it for keeping serums, jade rollers, sheet masks, and homemade masks and love that they stay cold and give me the benefit that I need. I love how cute it looks, like a fridge from the 70s. 
Overall I am thrilled to use this and every time I use my cold masks I thank Flawless for coming up with this cute idea.

If you are interested you may buy it here

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