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Breezy does copy

Beauty and eye wear don’t normally fall into the same bucket—but why shouldn’t they? This summer, Warby Parker
 is teaming up with Into The Gloss to introduce two new frames: one pair of sunglasses and one optical, each constructed from premium Japanese titanium in Jet Silver or Polished Gold. A year’s worth of collective brainstorming went into the design of the Into the Gloss Collection

Into The Gloss is the brainchild of Emily Weiss, who launched the beauty site with one goal in mind:
to take everything we know about beauty, flip it,and reverse it.

According to WARBY PARKER:
We collaborated with the Vogue alum and her co-founder, Nick Axelrod (formerly of Elle), on two pairs of aviators in premium Japanese titanium, one sun and one optical, both available in a super-limited-edition. It took us over a year of designing, refining, and testing to wind up with the final pairs. (Serious business.) Building the ideal aviator, it turns out, is an exercise in Goldilocks logic: they can’t be too big, they can’t be too small, they can’t be too wide and they can’t be too narrow.

After all, the perfect pair of aviators weapon, your signature, and your oldest buddy, all in one.

They’ve got to be juuuust right —so be sure to check out these new frames today!

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