Renuzit Pearl Scent Review and Giveaway

Coming home after long day , You want your home to smell, welcoming and great .
Well the simple solution is Renuzit Pearl Scents.
They not only smell great but are very soothing. Its not very strong like some other freshners.
I was lucky to get this great product from Purx Insider in return for my honest opinion.

I had this big party where I cooked for 60 people , my house smelled like fried onions and I was pretty embarrassed so Lo and behold I got this in mail and I put it to work.

I was so happy that it saved me from embarrassment , my living room smelled great and my mom who is very sensitive to strong fragrance said she liked it too.

I love the bottle , the packaging it comes in, the  decorative bottle looks really cute,  goes well with my decor.
The scented beads are gel like and you can shut the lid if you want.

A great way to keep your home refreshing  and always smelling great .
If you are interested to try, You can enter below to win one coupon and experience never ending refreshing fragrance.

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  1. I love any kind of airfreshners: sprays, wax melts, would love to try these cool one

  2. I use Essential oil Diffuser and Candles in my home.

  3. My house has a special smell after
    I appreciated oil diffusers video review and bought one. Of course, I like to light candles, but if it's about the aroma essential oils,
    I want my house will always smell good. But as you know, candles won't exactly give such long an effect,
    in any case, their aroma is very quickly fly out and it's not always possible to choose a true nice candle as well.