How To Get Free Products From Amazon

Who doesn't like free products!!!!! I sure do and if, there is no catch I am all in.

We all buy products from Amazon, but there is a way to get completely free products.

I came across this site a few months ago and so far I have 
received best and pretty expensive products from them. They do not require Amazon review if you decide to post a review that is totally up to you.


You join through your Facebook messenger so scammers cannot get in. After joining you are awarded 150 points, and you can get one product for 50 points.
 It is very easy to accumulate points, you just have to ask your friends to join the site.

Only for USA and Canada

Click Here To Join

The process is very easy once you like what you see, click the "GET IT FREE" tab and then follow the instructions.

You buy from Amazon Site directly and I noticed there is no tracking link. Buy it like a regular customer and once the item is delivered, send them your order id and a screenshot with delivered status, they pay you through pp. ( pp fee included)

I review these products on my blog so my followers can benefit.

I have received these products from them and I love the quality.

Some Interesting Products Available


I hope you like this site as much as I do and take full advantage.
Have you come across any sites that do not require Amazon reviews in return and go against their tos, I would love to know about it.


  1. Wow! I love free gifts....thanks for sharing this info. I am happy to know about this.

  2. I hadn't heard about this before. I'll have to check out some of your reviews.

  3. I didn't realize this was a thing, but am happy to hear that it is! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I like the Amazon discounts and some freebies. Savea money.

  5. Wow! I absolutely love this. Good to know!

  6. I love free gifts!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love free stuff thanks for sharing!

  8. This is really cool ! Excited to try it

  9. Whoa, this is something I've never heard of before. I'm really surprised that this kind of thing exists! I just hope it's available outside US and Canada too though.

  10. It's a great read.. very informative!

  11. I love free stuff lol this is super helpful