BzzAgent Review:Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

 I am a BzzAgent,just in case if you don't know what bzzagent is, it is a site that gives free products and in return asks for your honest reviews. This time I got chance to try Neutrogena Norwegian formula Hand Cream.
When it comes to protecting hands from the rigors of daily use,Norwegian Formula  Hand Cream is the first choice of fishermen and manicurists alike.What makes this Neutrogena classic better than the rest?

 Just the Facts

Just one dab repairs seven signs of damage :
    1. dryness
    2. chapping
    3. splitting nails
    4. dry cuticles
    5. scaliness
    6. roughness
      • 2012 Good Housekeeping Seal award winner
      • First hand cream to healwith concentrated glycerin 
      • Keeps manicured hands looking beautiful
      • Long Lasting
      • Glycerin - rich
      • Concentrated
      • 2oz product good for 200 uses
      • Available in Original and Fragrance -Free
      • Suggested retail price of $4.99 per 2 oz product

        The Inside Scoop  :

        Norwegian Formula Hand Cream has been a Neutrogena cornerstone for forty years,but the story of how it came to be started off the coast of Norway ,where fishermen were suffering  the effects of life on the open ocean.Mother nature was wreaking havoc on their skin.                  
        They developed a glycerin- rich cream and found it relieved years' worth of chapping,cracking and drying caused by harsh weather conditions.
        Neutrogena adopted that formula and for decades Norwegian Formula Hand Cream has consistently outperformed other products.

        What is Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream?

                 Neutrogena Norwegian Formula  is glycerin -rich barrier cream, to prevent moisture loss. You only need a very small amount to cover your entire hands, and would be a good moisturizer , if you’re going to  expose your hands to extreme cold or other damaging conditions.

        My Thoughts about Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream                                  

        I like winter.  I enjoy the cold air and snow, mainly when I am able to enjoy it by going sledding,  I do not, however, like having to bundle up just to go put the garbage out!
        As much as I love winter, my body does not, especially my lips and hands.  When the air is cold and dry, even gloves do not seem to protect my hands.  They start to get that white look to them, hurt and then begin to look like an 80 year old woman’s hands.  Dried up hands do not go well with a nice manicure or when you like to wear rings, like I do.  This is one thing I despise about winter.  My poor dry hands.
          I  wash my hands often to try and prevent getting sick, but the high quality soap I use really leaves my hands dry and hard.Over the years, I have tried numerous hand lotions and found this one to be my absolute favorite.You only need to put on a little bit and it will keep your hands soft and moist for hours. It is a little thick, but once it’s rubbed in, it seems to form a protective layer. I always have one tube in my purse. If you do have dry hands or feet, try putting this on before you go to bed and your hands will wake up nice and soft the next day.

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