CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Review

Any novice artist can tell you,dark shades just don't play well with lighter ones-they cover,they muddle,they take way too much effort to blend.But ask the make -up artist who created bold and blend-able new COVERGIRL blastflipstick,and your lips will get a very different answer.

 I am in love with so  many products, I  don’t even know where to begin with!
 I decided to start with one that I opened up right after I got  in mail from Bzzagent. It was COVERGIRL BLASTFLIPSTICK!!
As the talented Pat McGrath (celebrity and CoverGirl makeup artist) said, “I love that CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor empowers everyone to create their own signature look every day.” Well, who doesn’t want to have makeup artist tools at their disposal? CoverGirl has really stepped up their formula quality; I don’t feel as if I’m using drugstore cosmetics. From the packaging to the product itself, it feels like a prestige lipstick!

CoverGirl Blast Flipstick , is a double-ended lipstick with two blendable shades, one end is a matte/creme lip color and the opposite end is a complimentary shimmer lip color that can be worn together or separately.  The concept certainly appealed to me as it would allow me to create different looks with one tube and ultimately giving me more bang for my buck!


The pigmentation is brilliant on both the creme end and the shimmer end of this lip color duo for all 6 colors that I tested.  I would compare the pigmentation to that of the Revlon Lip Butters without hesitation.

FormulaBoth the creme and the shimmer ends glide on, smoothly giving a nice glossy shine to your pout. I found the formula loses its moisture 10 minutes after application so you would definitely want to add a lip balm prior to applying these if you have dry lips.  The unfortunate truth is that the flavor of this lip duo is quite unappealing, and leaves a fragrance-like after taste in your mouth that is very hard to ignore.


The packaging is convenient with its dual ended clear caps, and a lovely metallic design that coordinates to the color it represents.I love how the bullets of the lipstick are narrow and easy to apply. However, I was tempted to twist the bullet out because it felt so good going on! Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure, as the bullet is narrow and could snap easily.
Overall ,its nothing fancy, simply a hip and practical feel.

There are 13 Flipsticks shades to choose from, giving you 26 shades to mix and match.
  1. Whisper - taupe and pearl pink shades
  2. Pucker - light berry and lilac shades
  3. Glimmer - dark berry and soft pink shades
  4. Flashy - dark berry and lilac shades
  5. Vixen - burgundy and pearl pink shades
  6. Perky  - bright pink and light pink shades
  7. Tease  - red and gold shades
  8. Cheeky  - bright pink and peach shades
  9. Stunner  - bright pink and gold shades
  10. Snap - taupe and sand shades
  11. Smooch - copper and sand shades
  12. Minx - deep brown and gold shades
  13. Intense  - deep berry and taupe shades

What I have observed is,there is quite a nice variety of shades from pinks to corals, to reds, and even browns.  What is more exciting is that each duo consists of two complimentary shades, giving you 2 lipsticks for the price of 1!

  Shades I Tried

  • stunner
  • minx
  • Vixen

My Favorite

I love Vixen,it gave my lips a very unique pink color. You can, of course, wear alone or together. I like wearing a cream shade and adding a shimmer shade over it (as you would a lip gloss), just in the middle of the lip, to give a more pout-y look.The Blast Flipstick colors, especially the cream shades, are very pigmented and are quite long-lasting. They give me a nice color for at least 6 hours of wear on lighter shades; while some of the darker, more pigmented cream shades have my lips shaded all day long. Touching up with a bit of the shimmer side is simple and easy to do, if needed, during the day. Also, the formula is moisturizing, so it mixes perfectly without leaving lips feel heavy or dry at all.

I have been very fortunate as of late to try such great products! And CoverGirl Blast Flipstick  does not disappoint if you are looking for something new to try. Go out and create your own unique look with the Blast Flipstick!
Even the price is reasonable!! Around $8.49.
Available conveniently at your local drugstore,grocery store and major retailers

Let me hear what you think?  Are you lovin’ em’ or leavin’ em?

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