Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Beauty Fridge for Makeup and Skincare

I love to make homemade facial masks and usually, They are all-natural, free of chemicals and I know exactly what is in it and these masks are better for my skin and environment. One downside to homemade masks is, 
they are supposed to be kept in the fridge since there are no preservatives.

Is Fixing A House On a Budget Even Possible ?

I wish somehow we can erase 2020 with all its hectic mood swings. It has been the craziest year so far. This year with so much free time in hand made us decide to buy a house, WOOHOO!
 Now the house we liked needs a fixer-upper.
My husband's job is to take care of the mortgage and my job is interior designing and decorating.
A lot of things need upgrading, the bathroom,  kitchen, and living area, bedroom basically every room needs some kind of fixing.
The house is huge and its a nice blend of half beautiful and half fixer upper. There is a lot of space so that is not an issue. My main focus is the kitchen and living room since 
we will be spending most of our time there.
The idea is to make the kitchen practical, modern and welcoming. 

Now from this 

Is buying a House this year a wise decision ???

 This year has been hard for everyone. A lot has changed and is constantly changing. In the midst of all the difficulties we've faced on the global aspect, I'd like to think we've also experienced growth. No matter what perspective you have grown in. I hope you take a moment to appreciate and recognize it.
There is no growth without challenge, there is no growth without change, there is no growth without adaption. 
I am sure many of you will agree with me.
For us we have been planning to move out of our rented house and buy ours, it is a big step.

The Best Massage Gun for Tired Muscles

This is the first time I have ever come across a massager that is strong and powerful yet relaxing.

It pounds the soreness away. I have been using it regularly and quite surprised by the longevity of the battery. I have charged it 2 times since I got it and it is still working great.

Our world will never be the same

These unprecedented times are uncertain for everyone. Families have faced many unforeseen situations and crises.
Job security is at risk. If u have money to pay your bills or buy essentials this month there is no guarantee you will have it next month too. With these uncertain times, one should be smart enough to keep everything under control.