Preparing yourself for what's coming

 These last few years have made a drastic impact on everybody's life, not only here in the US, but all over the world.
Covid happened and I'm not sure if we tackled it smartly or not but now we are experiencing the backlash and all the side effects of lockdowns and people getting sick.
The economy is bad, prices are hiking up and it's getting really hard to make both ends meet.
I am noticing it more since it is impacting my family terribly. From the beginning of our married life, I have been making the budget for the whole family and it has come on my shoulders to tackle and get our family out of this situation.
So the first thing is to figure out what are our needs, and wants.

Buying a Hybrid Car !! A Big Decision

These last 2 years are going to be remembered as long as we live,
Whenever I think about the way we were stuck in the house for so long, it is unbelievable and seems like a bad dream.

Low Mortgage Rates, A Blessing For New Home Owners.

 Last year has been a blessing in disguise. We have been looking to buy a new house and the only thing stopping us for so long was the mortgage rates, soon enough pandemic happened, and the drop in mortgage rates was something that made it easy for us to consider buying a house,
but there was a drawback, the demand to buy a house has risen due to low mortgage rates but there aren't as many houses that are being sold at this time.

Best way to keep kids busy in these tough times.


My kids have been home ever since the pandemic happened and keeping them busy and occupied, hasn't been as easy as I thought. Most of the time they are bored and I have to constantly come up with new and innovative ways to keep them busy.

Pandemic; A reason or an excuse for a weight gain?

This pandemic has played a vital role in disrupting my lifestyle and many others. I realized that  I have been taking a lot of things for granted.
For instance, for gym membership I used to think I can do better why do I have to pay every month. Soon realized paying every month is an incentive to use the gym and stay healthy.
During the lockdown I could have gone out to get some exercise instead I was binge-watching Netflix and my eating habits changed too resulting in weight gain.

This pandemic made me aware of the biggest flaw and that was, I like to stay fit not for myself but for what others would say about how I look.

I noticed, my motivation to be active, was zero and me getting out of bed also seemed like a c