Does Jade Rolling Actually Do Anything ? Unboxing and Just my 2 cents

Ooo! just looking at it makes my skin pulsate.

A simple yet powerful tool in #depuffing your facial skin

The pink rose quartz crystal facial roller is a perfect tool for lifting, contouring, and sculpting. These rollers are a handheld beauty tool used to massage the skin on and around the face. They often come double-sided with two different sized rolling pieces on each end.
The small roller is for use around the eye, and the large roller for use on the rest of the face and neck.

For a great treatment, I use a face oil and start off with the cold pink rose quartz stone. Most of the benefits of jade rolling come from the application of cold to the skin. I usually keep them in the freezer or in winter outside my window.
I love the feeling.
It is extremely relaxing and helps de-puffing my skin in a couple of minutes. I go in an upward direction and sideways and feel it working right away. I am noticing fine lines disappearing in a matter of days.

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