Pandemic; A reason or an excuse for a weight gain?

This pandemic has played a vital role in disrupting my lifestyle and many others. I realized that  I have been taking a lot of things for granted.
For instance, for gym membership I used to think I can do better why do I have to pay every month. Soon realized paying every month is an incentive to use the gym and stay healthy.
During the lockdown I could have gone out to get some exercise instead I was binge-watching Netflix and my eating habits changed too resulting in weight gain.

This pandemic made me aware of the biggest flaw and that was, I like to stay fit not for myself but for what others would say about how I look.

I noticed, my motivation to be active, was zero and me getting out of bed also seemed like a c

Kids staying home without school or routine, was not just devastating for me but for them as well.
Long story short last year brought in a lot of unexpected instances for me and my family, including weight gain and some health issues.

I realized that this is my body and I alone can and have to fix it for myself and no one else. once I set my goal, it was not hard to achieve it.

The First thing I did was to stop judging myself for trying to survive a life-changing event that no one had experienced before.

Being gentle to myself really helped. No one has ever succeeded in their work with body acceptance by hating themselves.

I then researched for types of equipment I would actually use and not just let it take space in my living room. Investing in exercise machines was a decision, but I wanted to be sure I would be committed. you can check them out here 


Now comes the part where I wanted to keep myself on track. I searched some apps online that would help me stay on track. I came across the perfect site.
It calculates every possible thing that comes to mind, from calorie intake to how many would be burnt after a certain workout.
Calorie deficit and exercise were 2 things I focused on, soon I started losing weight and saw tremendous results. This site helped me tremendously, it was extremely easy to calculate. As the name indicates

It helped me calculate how many calories I need in order to lose weight and then it helped me what kind of exercise would help burn how many calories  

So far I have been on track and losing weight as planned.
With appropriate diet and exercise, I am shedding pounds every day.
I have also invested in a good smartwatch and it has also helped me keep on track and get my daily activity recorded. 

I can only say Goodluck everyone who is facing the same issues and dealing with them smartly.

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