Buying a Hybrid Car !! A Big Decision

These last 2 years are going to be remembered as long as we live,
Whenever I think about the way we were stuck in the house for so long, it is unbelievable and seems like a bad dream.

Those days were something, we would step out of the house only to buy groceries or maybe an occasional stroll around the house. I remember doing a lot of online shopping but still fearing Covid might travel through packages, somehow.
And then life slowly came back to normal, and with that came the shortage of things and prices hiking up, though the salaries remained the same.
Everything became expensive because of the gas prices, that was the time we decided to switch from regular cars to hybrid cars and I went crazy searching for the most suitable car for us.
Gas prices are outrageous and are getting higher and higher day by day. It seems like our cars are becoming gas-sucking machines taking in gas way faster than they used to.

It is the highest expense right now, and with the amount of traveling, we do, just an electric car might not be a very good option. Hybrid cars run around 35k to 50k, it is doable but need to figure out how to manage the payment. Once we decided what our next step will be, I had to come up with a plan to calculate payments smoothly, need to figure out where the extra money is coming from and how much can we pay a month to keep ourselves afloat. I was actively searching and came across a loan managing calculator. It made everything look so easy and smooth and the total cost after all the expenses seemed manageable.

We have Nissan Altima right now but need a bigger car. so we shortlisted Toyota Highlander hybrid LE all-wheel drive
We like Highlander Hybrid for its pliant ride, efficient powertrain, upscale cabin, and impressive array of driver aids.

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE (starting at $38,855)


it has all the features we are looking for in our new car

Our second option is

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition (starting at $43,880)

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition include
Hands-free power liftgate – With the key fob on your person, stick your foot under the rear bumper. The liftgate automatically opens.

Rain-sensing wipers – When the system senses moisture on the windshield, it automatically engages the wipers. The wiper speed adjusts according to the volume of the rain.

Driver-seat memory – Up to two drivers may program their seat settings, recalling them with the push of a button.

It is a big and necessary decision, we are almost sure what we want but still waiting for it to just happen.

We are planning to get a new car beginning of August, fingers crossed.

How long do you guys take to make big decisions? It seems forever for us. My partner is not an impulsive buyer like me so it makes sense.

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