The Best Massage Gun for Tired Muscles

This is the first time I have ever come across a massager that is strong and powerful yet relaxing.

It pounds the soreness away. I have been using it regularly and quite surprised by the longevity of the battery. I have charged it 2 times since I got it and it is still working great.

This massager has really worked on my tired body giving me the perfect pressure. I work out a lot and wanted to find a way to get my sore muscles taken care of.
One of my friends recommended a percussion massager. I bought one and was amazed at how well it worked. I have become used to it and so has my partner. He finds, hard to sleep without getting a massage.

 Sendry Percussion Massager is strong and does an amazing job of relaxing those sore muscles. This professional deep tissue massager gun has a powerful motor and can emit soothing or strong pulses of pressure throughout your body, penetrating 12 mm deep muscle groups, can relieve muscle aches, pain, and soreness. It helps speed up muscle recovery and reduces the risk for exercise injuries
Usually works great on thighs and calves. But has different attachments to deal with different muscle aches.
My personal favorite is a small round head for my lower back and shoulders.

I love the case it comes in, it protects the machine and keeps all the attachments organized and in place.

Overall it is a great blessing in disguise, I love the fact that I can massage my own body and not have to wait to go to a spa or ask someone to give me a massage.

If you are interested, you may buy it here

Have you ever tried a massage gun?
Isn't it the best invention?
Please, let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Totally need to try this. Thanks for the info

  2. I've tried this kind of massager but a different brand. They work wonders!

  3. I've tried a massager like this but a different brand and it works wonders!

  4. I've tried a massager like this but a different brand and it works wonders!

  5. I’ve tried one of these before! They work wonders!

  6. We use our massager from Amazon all the time. They are great!

  7. Omg I used one of these for the first time with my chiropractor!!! I have vowed since then I’m going to purchase one! They are amazing!