Mega Mesh Screen Door Review #magneticscreendoor

I love summer, but not a big fan of  bugs !!!!

I mean bugs of all kinds, shape and form. The other day I was talking to my hubby and he said that bugs play a very important role in our life system.
I agree!! but can't these bugs do their job and leave me alone.....

Hmmmm thats the question I need to ask my hubby, since he has answers to all my lame questions.

So, as I was saying, with summer comes lot of outdoor activities like grilling, eating lunch or maybe just sitting outside.There is a constant traffic going  in and out of the house, kids running, your pets trying to enjoy inside and outside equally. And while they are doing that, they usually keep the screen door wide open and let, (not so welcome) bugs in.

But not any more, because now I am using an easy install Mega Mesh Screen Door.

This is an amazing invention, no matter how many times you come in or go, the screen door always closes behind you because of strong magnets that are sewn in, a seamless automatic function that enables you to enter without using your hands.

  Now I can enjoy summer and stop worrying because my  biggest problem is solved. No more bugs, flying, buzzing, stinging  and me running and freaking out.
ith traditional sliding screen doors there are chances, that bugs might  fly in the house and believe me thats very annoying.
But not anymore, I was thrilled to get this amazing mesh screen door to review that is extremely easy to install.I really liked the quality.It is not a cheap or tacky looking at all.

The best part is, it took only 10 minutes to install!!

Simply wipe the surface, mark the center,  place velcro and hang the curtain door.
 It lessens the chances of sneaky bugs, because it snaps back immediately and closes behind you.
So no more accidental screen door left ajar
Im enjoying this curtain a lot because now I can keep my door open and let the fresh air in while summer/ autumn lasts

How to install your Mega Mesh Screen Door:
Step by Step Easy Install Guide

1. Wipe door frame with a damp cloth to remove any dust or residue.

2. Measure center of the door frame, mark center with a pencil.

3. Lay the screen door flat out on the floor.

4.Apply the velcro strips supplied. 1long strip along the top, 4 short pieces down each side.

5. Peel off the white  backing tape from the velcro.

6. Hold the center of the screen door and fix it to your center mark on the top of the door frame.(make sure the screen is just clear of the floor)

7. Fix the rest of the top edge to the frame.Then fix the velcro down the sides of the frame.(the center of the screen should be slightly higher than the edges)

8. For a more permanent fixing on wooden frames,  you can use the supplied thumb tacks. Just peel the screen away from the velcro and push tacks into the velcro, then re-attach screen.

9.Enjoy your new bug free home.

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