Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Uses and Giveaway

New improved formula with 3X the fragrance!

Who knew that one little sheet could do so much? Purex Fabric Softener Sheets don’t just reduce static cling and leave your family’s laundry soft and smelling fresh: They can also keep your whole house smelling fresh! Just choose your favorite fragrance and tuck a sheet in hampers, in the linen closets, and any other laundry storage areas.
What scents are available?

Frequently Asked Questions

  •      What’s different about these sheets vs. the old ones?
    We have greatly improved our Purex Dryer Sheets, adding three times more fragrance, and great static cling reduction. The smaller box is also at a more affordable price point.
  •      Has the formula changed?
    Yes, there is now more fragrance per sheet.
  •      Does it still work the same?
    New Purex Dryer Sheets work even better than the 120ct versions
  •      Will these Dryer Sheets leave spots on my clothes?
    When used as directed, dryer sheets should not spot your clothing. If spotting does occur, use a laundry bar soap such as Fels-Naptha, or a stain remover like Zout to treat the spots. Then rewash normally.
  •      Can I reuse my dryer sheet?
    You will get better softening and static control using a new sheet with every load, as most of the active ingredients are used up in one use. Reusing a sheet will not achieve the same results, but will not damage your laundry or machine.
  •      Help! My dryer sheets are sticking together – what happened?
    When dryer sheets are stored on the dryer, in the heat, or near a heat source, they can sometimes stick together. Make sure to store your dryer sheets in a cool, dry place.
  •      Can I use dryer sheets with my child’s clothes?
    We do not recommend using dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners with children’s sleepwear or other flame retardant fabrics, as ingredients in these products may reduce flame resistance. Try Purex Crystals for Baby as a safe fabric enhancer for children’s laundry.

My soft and amazingly  fresh  smelling laundry!! All thanks to Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets.Just one sheet was enough for the whole load.They smelled fresh for one whole week!!!

Alternative uses of  Dryer sheets

If you find yourself with extra dryer sheets, use them throughout your home and when traveling to clean and freshen!Dryer sheets can be used in many ways than just in dryers to freshen your clothes ,some of uses mentioned below I have tried myself and some I have to try and see.

Clean Pots and PansIf you have baked on or stuck food in a pot or pan, place a dryer sheet in the pan and cover with hot water. Allow it to soak over night and then use the dryer sheet to wipe away the food the next morning.
Freshen Shoes and Boots

Add a dryer sheet to shoes and boots that have gotten a little too ripe. For kids or ladies' pumps you can cut each sheet in half and still get great results.

 Remove Pet Hair
The same properties that dryer sheets use to reduce static in the dryer also works on pet hair on furniture. Just rub the sheet over the hair to loosen it from upholstery.

Remove Static Cling

If your dress or pants leg is clinging, rub a dryer sheet on your legs, socks or stockings to get rid of static cling. No more riding up!

 Scrub your showers: Lightly wet a used dryer sheet, and scrub to remove soap build-up and mineral deposits.

Freshen your home
Place (or tape) a dryer sheet on your HVAC vents to scent the air circulating through your home. You can even place one alongside your filter in your central heating unit to distribute the scent. Also works on ceiling fans, and on the back of box/portable fans
While traveling:
Place a few dryer sheets in between items in your suitcase to keep both your clothes fresh and to prevent your items from picking up any mustiness from old luggage.

 For diapers:
Keep your used dryer sheets in your diaper bag, and roll one up in the diaper to prevent odors before you have a chance to throw it away.

Clean paint brushes:
 Soak your used paint brushes in warm water with a dryer sheet, and that pesky latex paint will come off in under a minute.

As you sleep:
 keep a fabric-softener sheet in your pillow case and under your mattress or mattress pad for sweet dreams of summer all year ‘round
 Repel rodents: Use dryer sheets to keep out mice, skunks, squirrels, rats, etc from your basement, garages, boats, campers, and clubhouses. 
At work
Hide dryer sheets in drawers, behind computers, and in cabinetry to keep your work space fresh, and combat your co-workers awful perfume or stale cigarette scent.

 In you vacuum cleaner:
Place a dryer sheet in your vacuum bag or dust containment unit. As the hot air moves as you vacuum, you’ll bulk up your cleaning efforts. (Make sure this is in NO WAY
a fire hazard)

In storage:

 tuck dryer sheets in your rarely used items such as luggage, camping gear, sports equipment, or specialty craft or kitchen items to prevent the inevitable smells of basements, attics, and garages.

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